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Do you need to replace rusted storm heads or downspouts? Has your vehicle backed into your downpipe? Perhaps the downspouts are just clogged with leaves and dirt. Our contractors can construct downpipes to fit any gutter system on-site.

We can match your current guttering with the complete spectrum of Colorbond colours. Alternatively, if you have certain colours in mind, we can custom paint them for you. Colorbond, copper, and PVC downpipes each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. We can advise you on the finest downpipe material for your demands and budget.

Our Process for Downpipe Repair

The first step in fixing corroded or broken downpipes is to determine how many downpipes on your guttering system require maintenance. Is the guttering corroded or exhibiting symptoms of corrosion or deterioration as well? If the gutters, roof sheets, or downpipes are corroded, what caused the rust/corrosion of the gutter system? If the problem is a simple mechanical breakdown, such as the straps or astragals that hold the downpipe to the wall becoming loose, it is possible to fix it on the spot. Gutters that are drooping or are loose can also be fixed in this manner. (When it rains, a frequent symptom of loose or sagging gutters is the gutters spilling like a waterfall.) However, if the down pipe or stormwater head is severely damaged or corroded, the best option is to replace the downpipe.

This is why it is critical to understand the scope of the work required, so that all replacement downpipes and guttering can be ordered at the same time, rather than wasting time and money replacing what gutters appear to be necessary at first, only to discover later that there are more problems down the line. Cleaning up your gutters and downpipes is the best approach to determine the scope of the repair required. Every gutter cleaning includes a free roof check. We photograph any portions of your roof that require maintenance, such as gutters and downspouts. We offer you with prices for any repair or replacement work that is required so that you have all of the information you want. This way, you receive the maximum value for your money while having your roof, gutters, or downspouts repaired or replaced.

The builders did not install any drainage in this gutter. As a result, the gutters were overflowing and pouring over the front tiled area, causing water damage below and fostering the growth of moss and algae on the frequently damp tiles. Before connecting to a new down pipe, we drilled a hole in the current gutter in the photo.

We can create the downpipe on-site to any form, size, or colour specification.

The downpipe installation is now complete. We attached the downpipe to the second-story gutter and linked it to the existing plumbing falling from the roof gutter on the right side of the image. We matched the colour of the downpipe to the existing stormwater pipe and roof guttering and firmly fastened it to the brick wall on the left.

Hi David, you quoted my neighbours & yesterday morning. You impressed us with your professional manner & attention to detail. You are a credit to your boss.


Hi Byron, Thanks for your help today. I think you’ve got a great focus on service and that’s not always the case with tradespeople. It’s nice to work with people who turn up and do a good days work.


Hi Byron. Thanks for a great job. Well get back to you on the gutterguard, ill make the payment to you tonight.

Ronnie Nadri

Byron did a fabulous job here today, please make sure that only Byron does the gutters for me every 6 months.

Ms E. Holder

Hi Byron, thank you for cleaning our gutters today. Very neat work. I have just processed the payment. Please let me know if there are any problems.


Hi Byron. Thanks for a great job. Well get back to you on the gutterguard, ill make the payment to you tonight.

Ronnie Nadri

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Gillespie Roof & Gutter Service is fully insured and have years of experience in the Midcoast area, Midcoast Council, Gloucester Shire, Great Lakes and City of Greater Taree councils.

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Experience in installing a variety of gutter guard products to suit different enviroments and needs.

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Gillespie Roof & Gutter Service is family owned & operated locally in Midcoast, New South Wales


We pride ourselves in supporting Australian jobs by using Australian made gutter guard

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